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September 15, 2022

Questions & Answers with Mark Gause

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We believe in perpetuating the purpose and values of the organization through employees. Team engagement is one of the five core elements we focus on in an effort to elevate our culture together. Today, we wanted to introduce one of our idgroupers, Mark Gause, so you can learn more about our team members.

Name: Mark Gause
Role: Executive Director, Brand and Marketing Communications
Years at idgroup: 4 years
Hometown: Van Wert, Ohio

Q. Where did you grow up?

A. I was born by the banks of the Ohio River, a stone's throw from Louisville, Kentucky. Until the age of 11, I lived in Indiana. The first five years I lived in a mobile home and yes, I experienced and survived a tornado, even though the front window of the trailer didn’t survive the event. From K-5, I lived in Columbus, Indiana which is known as an architectural destination due to all the modern architecture in the city. This period of my life was the spark for my love of architecture and art, and my later transformation into graphic design and advertising. The rest of my childhood was spent in a small town in Northwest Ohio which was closer to my grandparents’ farms in Northeast Indiana.

Across my lifetime, I’ve lived in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Texas and Alabama. Nearly 30 years of my professional life was spent in Indianapolis, where I was the CEO at two advertising agencies, one of which was recognized as a top B-to-B advertising agency in the country and the other in which I was a founder, owner and serviced one of the largest hospital systems in the city. More than 15 years of my career was spent in education, providing marketing communications for four different universities.

Q. Where do you live currently? What is your favorite thing about the community where you live?

A. I live in Lillian, Alabama in a two-story, Creole style farmhouse that my wife, Ramona and I have been remodeling and landscaping since 2012. Both provide a three-dimensional canvas to paint and design upon. The southern charm of our front porch and enjoying life from the rockers and talking with family and neighbors is one of our favorite pastimes.

Q. What do you do at idgroup?

A. Account management, strategic planning, idea generation for branding campaigns and marketing communications, video direction, and script, copy and content development.

Q. How long have you been with idgroup?

A. Unofficially, four years since I worked as a part-time contract employee for a few months. Officially, 3 years and 6 months.

Q. What certain core values do you have in common with idgroup?

A. Continual learning…you have to be a lifelong learner in this industry. Digital has and continues to change the communications landscape. Plus, you have to have a working knowledge of every client’s business to be able to successfully brand and communicate it through the customer’s journey. This makes what we do interesting and exciting everyday. That said, growing good is the most common core value that I share with idgroup. Sustainability in your business practices is near and dear to my heart. Not just environmentally and socially, but from a branding perspective — which to be set up for success, must be viewed as a longer-term and top-down strategy and investment.

Q. What is your motto?

A. Overturning conventions and shaking up the marketplace with disruption strategies and communications that raise awareness, interest and action instead of blending into the woodwork. Being authentic builds stronger connections, advocates and value when your brand story is seen, heard, felt and remembered. 

Q. What is your favorite hobby?

A. DIY home improvement projects.

Q. Tell us about your loved ones!

A. I have one fur-baby (Deja Blu who is a blue French Bulldog), two sons (Derek and Jordan) and six grandbabies (Keagan, Kamden, Lilly, Kennedy, Charlie and Owyn). I’m a proud dad and papa, and a loving husband. Last month, Ramona and I celebrated 41 years of marriage. I love what I do for a living, but my greatest joy in life comes from family.

Q. We’ve heard you’re actively volunteering and giving back. Tell us more. 

A. I’ve volunteered with the idgroup team to support the Pensacola Humane Society, Manna Food Bank and Ronald McDonald House. I also served on the neighborhood communications committee and was a contributing writer to the monthly newsletter, but stepped away from this role prior to joining idgroup.