February 22, 2021

How One Healthcare System Is Transforming Its Patient Experience

Posted by
Erin Stubbs

In any organization, it is our values that hold us together. They provide clarity, strength, passion and a north star to guide us and keep us on our desired path. We strive to live those values every day and look to our leadership to reinforce our commitment and remind us of why we are here. It is rare however, to find an organization so deeply rooted in their values and who actively and self assuredly puts them into practice every day. In 2017 the idgroup team was lucky enough to find such an organization in the Community Health Northwest Florida (CHNF) team, and has been proud to help them live these values ever since. 

We have worked with the Community Health team in many capacities over the years, with each initiative rooted in our methodology of aligning the brand ecosystem. Part of this work focuses on brand reputation and culture; and ensuring that when a patient enters their doors, the patient’s experience meets and exceeds their expectations. This work helps to reinforce the team’s commitment to their patients and helps to ensure their values of respect, quality, compassion and dignity are put into practice for every patient, every day. 

The Challenge 

Feedback is important in every industry. But in healthcare especially, it is crucial for provider and patient outcomes, patient retention and patient experience reporting requirements. Prior to the installation and organization-wide rollout of our tech-enabled performance solution at CHNF, the organization was using paper patient satisfaction surveys to record and report required data and received minimal feedback. Leadership recognized the need for change and sought out a solution that could accomplish the following goals: 

  1. Increase measurement of patient perceptions from an average one percent response rate
  2. Reduce labor required by paper surveys and manual reporting 

  3. Increase speed and efficiency of PCMH patient experience reports 
  4. Increase speed of feedback to care teams and providers 
  5. Capture real-time data to inform performance improvement initiatives 

  6. Reinforce performance excellence and coach service improvement 

Community Health + Limelight Performance 

We introduced the CHNF team to Limelight Performanceidgroup's solution for healthcare leaders committed to building cultures of continuous improvement. Limelight measures patient perceptions at the point of service which increased CHNF’s patient experience response rate from one percent to a minimum of 60 percent per team, and high performing teams as high as 90 percent.


Leadership and managers have instant access to real-time patient feedback via a cloud-based dashboard, solving the issues of speed and efficiency of team feedback and required reporting. Finally, the information captured by each care team provides critical insights for understanding internal performance and patient experience at each of their locations. This aggregated data provides the opportunity to reinforce performance excellence and inform performance improvement initiatives throughout the organization. 

Since this transition, we’ve been able to track and report increases in overall patient satisfaction, recognize and reward top performers and pinpoint areas of improvement for each site and the organization as a whole. This data has been used to co-create several performance improvement initiatives, patient experience mapping and process improvement work plans, all informed by Limelight Performance.

Measures of success included: 
  1. Improved employee engagement and productivity
  2. Continuous improvements in patient perception scores
  3. Meeting all quality measurements for certifications.

As our teams continue the ongoing work of patient experience improvement, we often revisit our guiding values to drive engagement, performance progress and hold us accountable to the promised commitment to every patient and our community. We continue to ideate new ways to bring the Community Health Northwest Florida vision of a healthy community to life.