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Branding From The Core®

An organization and development and change approach to branding.

Everything Is Connected. Everything Communicates. What Do you Want To Say?

Branding from the Core® creates authentic brands that emanate from the core of who an organization is. By reimagining brands as ecosystems, we reinforce the importance of engaging every corner of your organization in creating meaningful experiences that define your brand. This whole system view allows your organization to build a branding and growth strategy unlike any other.

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Brand Ecosystem

Your reputation is your brand.

Like any healthy ecosystem, each part plays a unique role—but all must function as a whole in order for the system to thrive. Branding from the Core identifies gaps among the components of the brand ecosystem while building on the existing strengths of your organization.

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Branding From The Core® Process

Our process, Branding from the Core®, is an organization development and change approach to branding that offers a unique and proven framework for engaging stakeholders in shaping, sharing and living their unique story. While we pride ourselves on the tangible outcomes of the process such as a core identity map and visual brand expression, this process creates a more connected, unified organization that moves confidently and consistently in the direction of its goals.

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Branding From The Core® FAQ

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What is Branding from the Core®?
Branding from the Core® is idgroup’s proprietary stakeholder engagement process that shapes an organization’s core identity narrative and strategy. This strategy provides the guidance needed for the stronger alignment of the organization's core identity, image, and culture.
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How does idgroup define brand?
A brand is the meaning people associate with a name or symbol.
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How does idgroup define branding?
Branding is defined as the process of creating meaning associated with a name or symbol.
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Who is Branding from the Core® right for?
Most Branding from the Core® clients are growing organizations or organizations going through change. They have a need to refocus, reset and create a strategy for the next level of growth and prosperity.

Examples of specific situations:
  • The organization has new leadership
  • The organization is planning or has recently undergone a merger or acquisition
  • There is a need for greater market share
  • There is a need for increased marketplace awareness
  • There is a need for better positioning or repositioning
  • There is a need for greater employee engagement or retention
  • The organization's image is old and tired - in need of a makeover
  • The organization has reached the mature stage of its lifecycle, and it needs renewed energy and relevance to elevate its reputation and set it up for the future
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How much is the Branding from the Core® investment?
Because every organization is unique in both its needs and its capabilities, every Branding from the Core® engagement is completely customized. Branding from the Core® is not a marketing expense, but rather a long-term strategic investment in the organization’s most important asset: its reputation. Reach out to us for a customized proposal that’s right for you.
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How long does the Branding from the Core® process take?
Depending on your organization’s unique needs, the length of the engagement may vary. However, a typical Branding from the Core® process takes about seven months from start to finish.
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Does Branding from the Core® work for startups?
Absolutely. It’s crucial to understand and define the core of who your organization is, right from the start.
See how Avanza built upon their strengths, closed gaps in their ecosystem and created a thriving brand that makes a difference in our community and beyond.
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